The CEN/SIG committee has discussed the criteria for awarding grants, taking into consideration the responses received from the questionnaire in the newsletter.

The agreement was as follows:

  •  Only available to CEN members
  •  Applicants will need to have been a member of CEN for 2 year
  • Max of £2000 to be used towards grants (per financial year)
  •  1 X £500 for International Conference/ visit – Applications to be made a minimum of 2 months before Conference date.
  •   1 x £500 Christine Huskey Grant (innovative projects/ research
  • £1000 towards Craniofacial Meeting/ CEN Study Days
  • For Craniofacial / CEN Study day applications:
  • Max amount to be awarded: £200 per applicant.
  • Deadline for Craniofacial Grant Applications – 31st Jan
  • Deadline for CEN Autumn Study Day Applications: 31st July
  • One grant per cleft SLT team (defined by lead SLT rather centre)
  • In exceptional circumstances more than one grant per team may be awarded – cases considered on an individual basis
  • Grants to be agreed by a sub-committee (approved by 3 members who don’t work directly with applicant)
  • Once awarded a grant, a further application can’t be made for a 2 year period.
  • Members receiving a grant will be asked to feedback to CEN (presentation/ report/ article / up load to website)
  • Applications to be made via the CEN website using the application form on the link below and posted/email to treasurer.
  • Cleftsig_Grant2-2018

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